The Hope Project

A project to raise funds for, and awareness of, the extraordinary work of the Amal Foundation on Bogura Island and in the Rohingya refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar.

Funds will be raised through the sale of extraordinary photographs to be exhibited in Dhaka and internationally. The photographs have been taken by mindseye, a photographic partnership set up by international photographers Anthony Dawton and Jim McFarlane to underline the continuing importance of socially responsible photography in areas of need and deprivation throughout the world.

These photographs can be viewed in the Project galleries Bangladesh I and Bangladesh II.

The Photographs
A limited edition of the exhibition prints are now available for sale. The black and white art prints are 91.5cm x 60cm (including borders of 13cm & 8cm) and archivally printed. They are limited to editions of six, are signed and come with certificates of authenticity. Cost per print: US$1,800 incl. p&p anywhere in the world.

Please contact Anthony for further information and to purchase exhibition prints.

In sharp contrast to the demand for instant news, Dawton and McFarlane’s work is underpinned by the understanding that taking time to win the respect and confidence of the people being photographed brings integrity and depth to their work. It is an approach that produces richly textured images of the individual’s condition, their sense of injustice, their view on life and their hopes for the future. Often black and white, usually printed large and always photographed and printed to the highest standards, mindseye’s images are works of art, visually stunning and deeply thought provoking. Each image expresses a deep understanding of the human condition in the context of man made disasters: war and genocide that give rise to overwhelming tragedies. Dawton and McFarlane images stand as a legacy and silent witness to these historical moments.

mindseye is pleased to acknowledge the support of Interspeed, Dhaka’s oldest and best advertising agency. This will ensure that the Hope Project will receive the highest profile possible both within Bangladesh and internationally.

A book and catalogue of the exhibition will be available shortly.

Amal Foundation