I am a photographer who makes a living through commercial photography. Much of that photography is award winning* and leading edge. I also work for leading NGOs in some of the world’s most difficult places.

What have shots of children, survivors of the Kashmir earthquake or cholera victims in Niger got to do with commercial photography? The answer is: a lot.

I live and breathe my photography – whether it is in studio making the ordinary look extraordinary or working 16 hour days in gruelling conditions, negotiating and respecting the concerns of bewildered children and their traumatised parents. Here looking after cameras, lights and computers in a 40 degree hot dust storm in the digital age is a constant challenge, while delivering images that are relevant and persuasive is paramount. There are no second chances in these environments.

I bring these ‘documentary’ values to my commercial work because I have learnt it works both ways. I could not operate a camera instinctively in the field without the experience picked up in the commercial world. By the same token I could not bring passion and creativity, time after time, to a commercial brief in a London studio without the inspiration and commitment learnt in the world’s troubled places.

NGOs who use me, include UNICEF, Red Cross Lebanon, and The Citizen‚Foundation, Pakistan and Save the Children. I donate at least 10% of any commercial fee to charity (usually to the London registered charity, Al Madad Foundation). I am always pleased to acknowledge clients for their support and hope that this adds value to their business (it often does!).

If you are looking for some of the best creative photography around and a photographer that goes the extra mile, please get in touch.

Thank you for coming to my site. Anthony Dawton.

*Fuji Industrial Photographer of the Year. Finalist Leica/CCP Documentary Photography Award, Exhibitor at Sony World Photographic Awards, Cannes.